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The TIPS advocacy initiative aims to educate and upskill TIPS members on TI-UK's work and anti-corruption issues more generally as well as to encourage TIPS members to:

  • use their existing networks to educate others in this area; 

  • draft articles and blogposts (including "One Minute Reads" relating to anti-corruption issues; and

  • deliver presentations relating to anti-corruption issues, both within and outside their organisation.

Want to connect?

Subscribe to our social media channels linked below.

What are the benefits to you?

In addition to increasing your own knowledge in this area, the advocacy initiative provides the opportunity for:

  • your blogposts or articles to be published on the TIPS website; and 

  • you to improve your presentation skills by delivering presentations relating to anti-corruption matters.

How can you support this initiative?

You can draft a blogpost/article and submit it to the TIPS advocacy team.  The TIPS advocacy team may approve your blogpost/article for publication on the TIPS website.


In conjunction with our Outreach initiative, you can speak at an event or join for networking drinks after the event.

Share your ideas


If you have any other ideas for advocacy within the TIPS Network, please submit your ideas on the Contact Us page.

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