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The TIPS outreach initiative aims to educate other about corruption by having TIPS members:

  • deliver presentations to those outside our network to educate others on anti-corruption issues;

  • support and promote TI-UK advocacy objectives at TIPS presentations; and

  • educate others about the work and mission of TI-UK.

Want to connect?

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What are the benefits to you?

The Outreach initiative provides the opportunity for you to:

  • educate students and professionals about Corruption in the Modern World; 

  • debate contentious corruption-related topics, both through debates and Question Time-style panels; and

  • improve your presentation skills by delivering presentations relating to anti-corruption matters.

How can you support this initiative?

  • You can help set up a presentation or debate at a university, particular with institutions where you have existing connections.

  • You can participate in an Outreach event by speaking at an event or joining for networking drinks after the event.

Share your ideas

If you would like to get involved with the Outreach initiative or have ideas for future collaborations, please submit your ideas on the Contact Us page.

Presentations on

Corruption in the Modern World

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