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Since the formal launch of the TIPS Network in February 2018, we have made excellent progress.  There is still much more to be done, but we set out below a summary of our key progress to date.  Some highlights include:

  • We have educated more than 150 students across five different university campuses on Corruption in the Modern World and through TIPS debates;

  • We have hosted and publicised more than 80 TIPS and TIPS affiliated events; and

  • We have hosted more than 20 monthly TIPS Networking discussions (both in person and online).

Interested to learn more? You can see how you can contribute on our Get Involved page or ask questions on the Contact Us page.

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Supporting TI-UK’s advocacy priorities

We have circulated monthly Newsletters to the TIPS Network promoting the anti-corruption agenda.

We have supported key TI-UK priorities through our One Minute Reads initiative.

We have engaged our respective networks on anti-corruption and transparency matters.


Bringing the TIPS Network togeher

We have hosted and publicised more than 100 events to educate members on anti-corruption and transparency issues.

We have hosted more than 25 TIPS Networking drinks – each with a focus on an anti-corruption related topic.


We have developed a programme of regular events for the TIPS Network.


Educating others about corruption

We have educated more than 150 students on five university campuses on Corruption in the Modern World.


We have championed both the work and advocacy priorities of TI-UK.

We have engaged professionals, academics and students from a range of different sectors and backgrounds.

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