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History: the TIPS timeline

The idea for the TIPS Network was a product of a roundtable discussion held between more than 40 professionals and academics who are actively engaged with anti-corruption matters whether through their work or studies and research.  The group collectively sees lots of value in the work and mission of TI-UK and wanted to leverage its own experience and networks to help to advance TI-UK's mission.

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Following the initial roundtable discussion in July 2017, a small group formed the TIPS managing committee to establish a way to take forward the enthusiasm of this engaged and diverse group of individuals. 

Over the subsequent months, this volunteer group - in consultation with TI-UK - established four separate TIPS initiatives (Advocacy, Events, Outreach and Social Media) to enable TIPS members to engage with TI-UK and the wider TIPS Network in a number of different ways.

As of April 2021, the TIPS Network has grown to more than 375 in number - a measure of the degree of energy and enthusiasm there is among professionals, academics and students alike to support the anti-corruption movement within and beyond our own networks.

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