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TIPS Newsletter | Dec 2023 - TIPS: 2023 Achievements - A Big Thank You!

Dear TIPS Member,

It has been another busy year for the TIPS Network. Thank you, as ever, to the wonderful members of the TIPS Managing Committee who continue to volunteer their time and effort to bring more success to the TIPS Network and to support TI-UK.


This year, TIPS has welcomed an esteemed collection of guest speakers from across the world who have focused on issues such as corruption in sport the role of investigative journalists in the anti-corruption agenda and emerging international youth anti-corruption initiatives. One highlight includes an exclusive Fireside Chat with 1MDB Whistleblower Xavier Justo. The TIPS Outreach initiative hosted its 4th TIPS Careers Panel and 3rd mentoring programme.  Some 2023 highlights include:.

  • TIPS has grown to more than 575 members across more than ten countries;

  • TIPS has hosted 13 TIPS events featuring 20+ speakers and promoted 30+ affiliate events;

  • TIPS hosted its third mentoring programme and fourth careers panel.

  • TIPS members helped TI-UK to reach its Big Give match-funding fundraising target of £12,000 in Dec 2023.


Thank you, for your support of TI-UK, of TIPS and of the anti-corruption movement! Together, let’s hope in 2024 we can keep on promoting the anti-corruption agenda and use our collective experience for good!

Please see below the TIPS Newsletter for December 2023. We look forward to seeing you soon.

 - the TIPS team


1. Upcoming Events (register on our Events page)

Will the next UK General Election be safe from dirty money and undue influence? | 23 Jan 2024, 7-8pm GMT

Public Financial Management as a tool to counter corruption in health | 16 Jan 2024, 2-3pm GMT

London Sustainability Forum | 30 Jan 2024, 1-5pm GMT


2. Recent events

TIPS | Dictionary of Corruption – Book Launch

On 7 December 2023, TIPS welcomed panellists Robert Barrington (University of Sussex), Rose Whiffen (TI-UK), Liz David-Barrett (University of Sussex) and Joseph Sinclair (Mountford Chambers) to discuss themes emerging from new publication ‘A Dictionary of Corruption’. The panel reflected on the challenges of creating the dictionary and the definitions that most interested and perplexed them such as ‘Chumocracy’ and ‘State Capture’.

A big thank you to the panellists and to James Ford and Will Bullock Jenkins for introducing the event as well as to Molly Vaughan and Baker Tilly for kindly hosting this event.


3. Jobs Board

  • CDD and Conflicts Analyst, Macfarlanes, London. Apply here.

  • Risk Specialist, Counterfeit Crimes Unit, Amazon, London. Apply here.

  • Financial Crime Assistant Manager, Grant Thornton, England. Apply here.


4. Items of Interest

TI publications.

  • Securing Integrity and Fostering Peace: Transparency International Defence & Security Strategy 2024-2026. See here.

TI blogs.

  • From climate to housing- are big money donations holding back Britain’s progress? See here.

  • Eyes now on overseas territories to deliver on transparency promises once and for all. See here.

  • New research from TI-Russia acts as a reminder that the UK needs to double-down on its role as an enabler of financial crime. See here.

  • 2024 is a big year for democracy. Don’t let political corruption ruin it. See here.


  • ECCTA Part 2: SLAPPS, Fraud, Crypto and information sharing. Listen here.

  • Robert Klitgaard on different lenses for analysing corruption. Listen here.

  • Anti-Corruption political parties: how do they emerge and what is their track record? Listen here.

  • The Business of Sport. Listen here.

Other items.

  • Shifting Goalposts: How has FIFA failed in its Transparency Reforms? See here.

  • Blink and you missed it: The UK Government’s New Organised Crime Strategy

  • Gender and Corruption. What we’ve learned from 20 years of research (Part One). See here.

  • Three waves of (anti-)corruption measurement: The role of civil society in driving innovation and progress. See here.


5. One Minute Reads

New One Minute Reads have been uploaded to the TIPS website. Please do click the link to read more – perfect for your morning/evening WFH coffee break!


6. Support TI-UK directly by joining Friends of TI-UK!

As a friend of TI-UK you will receive updates from TI-UK directly about TI-UK's ground-breaking research & advocacy campaigns. Your subscription will also support TI-UK's ongoing work across the UK, Business, Health, Defence & Security initiatives. Find out more here.


7. Focus on...

Ben Whitty

Risk and Compliance Manager | Catella APAM

TIPS member

Why did you get involved with the TIPS network?

During an internship as a researcher at the International Lawyer’s Project (as part of my MA Corruption and Governance at the University of Sussex) I had been told about TIPS and was encouraged to sign up to their mailing list. I only began to attend events when I moved to London around one year ago. Working within compliance in a SME real estate investment firm meant that TIPS seemed like a good opportunity to network with a broad variety of people from various professional backgrounds as well as learn about and discuss the key issues in the corruption/financial crime space which is not something I naturally have in my team of two!

Please describe your experience as part of the TIPS network.

TIPS has presented a great opportunity to get to know other people across a variety of sectors and industries, who all have a unique perspective to share on tackling corruption. This has allowed me to gain a holistic view of issues like fraud, whistleblowing, bribery etc. TIPS events have provided me the opportunity to have open and honest discussions about the common challenges we face, especially within professional services firms. After attending events led by senior compliance professionals, I have considered how I can apply the lessons learned from their experiences to my own organisation. The regularity of events has meant I have been able to get to know other TIPS members quite quickly, which makes attending easier if you are an introvert like me.

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

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