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TIPS Newsletter | April 2019

Updated: May 25, 2019

Dear TIPS member,

Please see attached the TIPS Newsletter for April 2019. Two particular elements to draw your attention to:

1. Upcoming event | 6.30pm - 9pm | Tues 21 May

We are excited to host a conversation with Dr. Jozsef Martin, Executive Director of TI-Hungary, on the corruption challenges in Hungary. You should have received a formal invitation a short while ago, but you can also register via this link.

2. TIPS mentioned in HMG’s first anti-corruption newsletter

The eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted that the TIPS Network was mentioned in HM Government’s inaugural Anti-Corruption Newsletter! Read more here.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

- the TIPS team


1. Upcoming Events

A conversation with Dr. Jozsef Martin, Executive Director of TI-Hungary

21 May 2019 | 6.30-8.45pm | Mayer Brown International LLP, EC2M 3AF

We are excited to announce a conversation with Dr. Jozsef Martin, Executive Director of TI-Hungary, on the corruption challenges in Hungary.

Dr. Martin is an economist and sociologist with an MA and Ph.D. from the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB). He is currently seconded to TI-UK as Director of Research in the Defence and Security Program. Alongside his work in the Transparency International movement, he is a senior lecturer at CUB on political economy – including anti-corruption and EU studies.

Prior to his engagement with TI, Jozsef worked as an economic journalist and editor of several national Hungarian newspapers, including in various editorial

positions over 12 years at `Figyelo` (’Observer’), a Hungarian economic weekly (serving as editor-in-chief between 2003 and 2009). Under his leadership, `Figyelo` won a Pulitzer Memorial Prize in 2006.

Many thanks to James Ford and Joseph Moore for organising this event! Please register here.

2. Recent TIPS Events

TIPS Networking Drinks | Summary

On 29 April 2019, a diverse group of TIPS members representing 10 organisations met at London Wall Bar & Kitchen for an evening of engaging discussion on the policy approach towards money laundering in

unregulated sectors (such as public schools).

Ben Cowdock, researcher at TI-UK, gave a presentation on an ongoing TI-UK research project he is leading in this area. This was followed by a lively discussion around whether a better policy approach towards money laundering would focus on activities as opposed to sectors. Such an approach could catch conduct in unregulated sectors that is not currently within the scope of existing regulations.

It was a hugely engaging evening. Many thanks to Hannah Burrows for organising.

3. Focus article: Protect urges Government to adopt elements of ground-breaking EU legislation

Whistleblowing charity Protect is calling on the government to adopt elements of the new EU whistleblowing legislation, or risk UK whistleblowers being left behind with out-of-date legislation. As the EU’s Whistleblowing legislation passed its final hurdle in the EU Parliament (April 16), Protect, wants the same gold standard protections introduced in the UK.

Protect’s Senior Legal Consultant, Cathy James said: “We want the government to adopt key elements of the EU legislation to ensure more whistleblowers feel safe to speak up and stop harm. As the UK’s leading authority on whistleblowing we hear from far too many whistleblowers – volunteers, self-employed workers, non-executive directors, and cases such as district judge Claire Gilham which we are intervening in – who find they are not adequately protected.”

Cathy added, “The broad reach of the directive, including immunity from civil action for those who blow the whistle responsibly and the call for funded legal and other support will level the playing field. If not adopted here, UK whistleblowers will find the legal protection has become a cardboard shield.” Read more here.

4. Other items of interest

HM Government’s First Anti-Corruption Newsletter

The TIPS Network was mentioned in HM Government’s inaugural Anti-Corruption Newsletter! Read the newsletter here.

News article: New data shows London property boom is a money laundering horror

Wired has reported that the “weak link” in the UK’s money laundering defences is weaker than previously thought. Ineffective regulators and a proliferation of regulators with limited coordination are among the issues cited by the article. See here.

TI-UK Blog: TI-UK welcomes law enforcement action on assets of niece of Bashar Al Assad

The National Crime Agency has reportedly frozen a bank account held by the niece of Bashar Al Assad, the Syrian President. In its post, TI-UK welcomed the reports, but warned that a step-change against suspicious wealth is still needed to show the UK truly has a grip on the billions of pounds worth of dirty money in the UK. Read TI-UK’s full blogpost here.

TI-UK Report: Corruption in healthcare resulting in millions unable to access healthcare

TI-UK has launched a new report which sets out that corruption in healthcare service delivery is significantly undermining global efforts of achieve universal health coverage.

Among other things, “The Ignored Pandemic” report finds that corruption is responsible for the deaths of around 140,000 children per year. It also reports that exports warn that over $500 billion in health resources are lost annually to corruption. Read the full report and commentary from Rachel Cooper, Director of the TI Health Initiative, here.

Support a TI-UK runner

Hackney Half-Marathon Steven Caldwell is running the Hackney Half Marathon on 19 May 2019 in support of TI-UK. Please do support Steven in reaching his fundraising target via his Justgiving page here.

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