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TIPS Newsletter | September 2018

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

We hope that you enjoyed your summers! We are excited to announce some exciting plans for the upcoming academic year.

Upcoming Events

1. TIPS Affiliate Event | Jasmine Coyle | 5 - 7pm, 2 October 2018

  • With thanks to TI-UK, TIPS members are cordially invited to an informal talk on third party involvement in corruption cases by South African lawyer Jasmine Coyle. Jasmine is a Pegasus scholar, who has worked with Michael Bowes QC in his chambers over the summer. Jasmine will give an informal talk about her work and experiences, which will be followed by an open discussion.

  • The event will take place at TI-UK’s offices at CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover Street, SE1 4YR. There may be tea, coffee, snacks… and wine following the discussion.

2. Presentations and Outreach | University College, Oxford | 7pm, 16 October 2018

  • With thanks to Hannah Burrows, TIPS members will be giving a presentation to the Eldon Law Society at University College, Oxford at 7pm on 16 October 2018. University College is Oxford’s oldest college, located in the centre of High Street. Students from all disciplines are invited to attend.

3. TIPS Affiliate Event | TI-UK 2018 Anti-Corruption Lecture | 6 - 9pm, 12 December 2018

  • With thanks to TI-UK, the TIPS network is cordially invited to TI-UK’s Annual Anti-Corruption Lecture. Bill Browder will be speaking on Kleptocracy: London and its enabling role in spreading global corruption. It promises to be a highlight of the year!

Past Events

4. TIPS Affiliate Event | Professor Jeremy Horder | Summary

  • On 26 June 2018, Professor Jeremy Horder (Professor of Criminal Law at LSE and former Criminal Law Commissioner) gave some engaging remarks based on his new book Misconduct In Public Office: Law and Politics. He presented the Law Commission’s proposals for reform in this area. Among other things, Professor Horder:

- discussed the enhanced focus on the harm caused by misconduct;

- described the effects of moving toward a “results-based” rather than “conduct- based” crime; and

- outlined the wider structures already in place for corruption in the political and business spheres, including deferred prosecution agreements, negation and regulatory offences.

  • Professor Horder was joined by Michael Bowes QC, Rachel Davies Teka and Robert Barrington for a panel discussion, during which a number of polemic issues were discussed. These included topics such as the “revolving door”, breaches of the ministerial code, private prosecutions for misconduct in public office, and the merits of a special division of the CPS/Attorney General’s office for investigating cases with a significant public interest.

  • Many thanks TI-UK, LSE and Outer Temple Chambers for extending an invitation to the TIPS Network for this hugely engaging event. And many thanks to Hannah Burrows for contributing to this update!


5. Other items that may be of interest

  • Book review – Moneyland by Oliver Bullough: To give you a snapshot of a “clever and entertaining” exploration of the parallel and poisonous realm of tax havens and shall companies, Andy Beckett has written a book review for the Guardian of Bullough’s book on “the shadow world of the super-rich”. See here. Many thanks to Micky Khurana for bringing this to our attention!

  • Blog – New Law and Compliance Blog: this summer, Jonathan J. Rusch, adjunct law professor at Georgetown University, started a blog entitled “Dipping Through Geometries”. It includes a series of posts on a range of legal and compliance matters. See here. Many thanks to Sam Eastwood for bringing this to our attention!

  • Podcast Nevis: how the world’s most secretive haven refuses to clean up: this podcast, written by Oliver Bullough, explains how one tiny Caribbean island might be the worst offender of all the known offshore havens. Listen here to learn more. Many thanks to Micky Khurana for bringing this to our attention!

  • Horizon scanning – Recent Anti-Corruption Developments: ten of the most significant anti-corruption developments in August 2018 have been summarised in a bitesized news alert. See here. Many thanks to Max Rossiter for bringing this to our attention!

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