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TIPS Newsletter | April 2021

Dear TIPS Member,

For the first time, TIPS recorded its Virtual Talk so you can catch up on a fascinating presentation from the Environmental Investigations Agency on the role that corruption plays facilitating international wildlife and environmental crime here. There will be a break from Virtual Talks in May with the upcoming May Bank Holiday, but there is no shortage of TIPS affiliate events to look forward to.

This month, we bring your attention to Transparency International’s latest report “Track and Trace” which identifies key issues concerning procurement practices during the pandemic and a more general issue relating to the mechanisms for ensuring integrity in public office – particularly topical given recent revelations relating to Greensill and certain flat renovations. In the report, TI proposes ten steps that could address some of the concerns raised over the last year and help avoid similar mistakes being repeated in the future. Read the full report here.

Please see below the TIPS Newsletter for April 2021. We look forward to seeing you (online) soon.

- the TIPS team


1. Upcoming Events (register on our Events page)

Igniting Legal Action to Challenge Corruption: ABC Legal Guide Launch | 6 May 2021 | 5-6pm BST

Business Integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia | 12 May 2021 | 9-11.30am BST

Online Marketplaces and Sale of Environment Products | 12 May 2021 | 12-1pm BST

Corruption Detection and Prevention: A Risk Assessment Approach | 13 May 2021 | 1-3pm BST

AML Due Diligence and Compliance the 2021 Landscape | 18 May 2021 | 9-10pm BST

Anti-corruption Frameworks in Supply Chains | 28 May 2021 | 3-4.30pm BST

2. Recent Events

TIPS Virtual Talk | Summary

On 26 April 2021, 20 TIPS members attended a thought-provoking discussion presented by Julian Newman and Shruti Suresh of the Environmental Investigation Agency on the role that corruption plays facilitating international wildlife and environmental crime. This included a case study on ivory and pangolin trafficking in West Africa.

It was a fantastic talk followed by plenty of enlightened discussion on how different stakeholders can help raise awareness of the underlying issues and be a part of the solution. You can catch up by watching an uncut version of the Virtual Talk here.

3. One Minute Reads

New One Minute Reads have been uploaded to the TIPS website. Please do click the link to read more – perfect for your morning/evening WFH coffee break!

4. Items of Interest

TI UK Publications. TI UK has published a new report titled “Track and Trace” focusing on issues relating to procurement practices during the pandemic. See here.

OECD Report. How to address bribery and corruption risks in mineral supply chains: FAQs. See here.

Sentry Report. Conflict Gold to Responsible Gold: a roadmap for companies and governments. See here.

TI UK blogs.

- Decision not to make PM’s adviser on ministerial interests genuinely independent is major missed opportunity. See here.

- New Magnitsky-style sanctions regime will strengthen Britain’s toolkit for tackling global corruption and dirty money. See here.

- Concern over corruption red flags in 20% of UK’s PPE procurement. See here.

- Urgent action needed to reform political lobbying and the revolving door. See here.

- Actions, no inquiries, is key to avoiding future lobbying scandals. See here.


- RUSI: Unintended Consequences: Humanitarianism and CFT Compliance. Listen here.

- Kickback: Thomas Stelzer on the Panel on International Financial Accountability, Transparency and Integrity. Listen here.

- CIPE: The Fight Against Corruption with Gary Kalman, Director TI-USA. Listen here.

News items.

- A Political Scandal is Swirling in Europe. But Boris Johnson is unlikely to drain the swamp. See here.

- Business Card put Greensill Founder at the Heart of Downing Street. See here.

- Greensill Scandal: Drip, drip of sleaze row batters Tories. See here.

5. Jobs Board

- Financial Crime Officer, Nedbank, London. See here.

- Compliance Officer, Eames Consulting Group, London, UK. See here.

- Director, Forensic Accounting & Advisory Services, FTI Consulting, London. See here.

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