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TIPS Newsletter | May 2024 - TIPS Mentorship Programme 2024 Launch

Dear TIPS Member,

In May 2024, the TIPS Network launched its 2024 mentorship programme. Mentees and mentors were matched based on past experience and future goals to introduce them to a wide variety of work in the field.

The six mentors and six mentees gathered on Friday 10 May to be formally introduced at the start of the three-month scheme.

Participants are in the process of having their first of several one-on-one sessions before the mid-programme check-in.  Participants in and around London are looking forward to meeting in person at the Network’s July summer party where they hope to connect with other members of the TIPS community. Look out for a “Focus on” our TIPS mentees in upcoming TIPS newsletters!

Please see below the TIPS Newsletter for May 2024. We look forward to seeing you soon.

 - the TIPS team


1. Upcoming Events (register on our Events page)

TIPS | 25 Years of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention | 4 June 2024, 6.30-7.45pm BST, Mayer Brown, London

TIPS | Corruption, transnational crime and Chasing Shadows | 25 June 2024, 7-8pm BST

Corruption and arbitration / award challenge: What lessons can we learn from P&ID v Nigeria? | 5 June 2024, 11am-12:30pm BST

Combatting and Criminalizing Cartels and Corruption | 20 June 2024, 3-7:30pm BST


2. Recent events

TIPS | The New US Foreign Extortion Prevention Act (FEPA): Acting on the "demand side" of corruption across the Atlantic and beyond

On 30 May 2024, the TIPS Network welcomed Patrick Kelkar of Risk Advisory, Duncan Grieve of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP and Yas Froemel of the EBRD to share their insights into the "demand side" of corruption across the Atlantic and beyond.

The focus of the event was on the new US Foreign Extortion Prevention Act (FEPA) which has been dubbed by Transparency International U.S. as "the most important anti-corruption development in 50 years". The panel outlined how FEPA compliments the FCPA and provides a new tool for US prosecutors, and compared these US developments to the UK legislative and enforcement dynamic.

We would like to thank James Ford of Mayer Brown for facilitating the session and Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP for kindly hosting.


3. Jobs Board

  • Managing Director, Investigations, Forensics and Litigation Services, Baker Tilly, New York. Apply here.

  • VP AML Advisory, Morgan McKinley, London. Apply here.

  • Compliance Regulatory Practice Group, Associate, Goldman Sachs, London. Apply here.


4. Items of Interest

TI Publications

-  Preparing for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. See here.

-  Betrayed by the Guardians: The human toll of corruption in defence and security. See here.

TI blogs

-  Preparing for the CSRD. See here.

-  New investigation raises questions over source of funds used to buy £75.6 million of UK real estate linked to Azerbaijani elite. See here.

-  Betrayed by the Guardians: The human toll of corruption in defence and security. See here.

-  What jobs are MEPs doing on the side? A first look into their new income declarations. See here.

TI-UK in the News

UK trade summit in Saudi Arabia accused of promoting firms linked to senior Tories. See here.

-  The International Super Rich Bankrolling Robert Jenrick’s Political Ambitions. See here.

-  UK sanctions watchdog flops in face of Russia’s war. See here.


-  John Penrose on his experience as the UK Anti-Corruption Champion. Listen here.

-  Financial Crime Matters: Enlisting A.I. in the Fight Against Financial Crime. Listen here.

-  The Laundry: Financial crime in the football industry. Listen here.

Other items

-  Why Argentina’s Latest Supreme Court Nominee Threatens Anticorruption Efforts. See here.

-  Can the UK tackle its political integrity crisis? See here.

-  The U.S. Supreme Court’s Erosion of U.S. Anticorruption Law Continues. See here.

-  The FATF Gains Momentum in Breaking Africa's Cycle of Grey Listing. See here.

-  Is America thwarting Britain’s fight against corruption? See here.


5. One Minute Reads

New One Minute Reads have been uploaded to the TIPS website. Please do click the link to read more – perfect for your morning/evening WFH coffee break!


6. Support TI-UK directly by joining Friends of TI-UK!

As a friend of TI-UK you will receive updates from TI-UK directly about TI-UK's ground-breaking research & advocacy campaigns. Your subscription will also support TI-UK's ongoing work across the UK, Business, Health, Defence & Security initiatives. Find out more here.


7. Focus on...

Marko Starcevic

Partner, Templeton Research, London

TIPS member

Why did you get involved with the TIPS network?

My involvement started after attending one of the TIPS Network events, which quickly made me realise it was a fantastic forum to discuss ideas and approaches with like-minded professionals working in the anti-corruption, AML, and investigations space. The calibre of speakers and the diversity of topics that are being discussed have been really refreshing and often educational, as well as a great opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices. One of the great things about the TIPS Network is that it will often bring together a great range of perspectives on less-covered issues.

Please describe your experience as part of the TIPS network.


Every event I have attended so far has been full of interesting discussions and have been excellently moderated. One of the things I have really enjoyed is that the questions often lead to some really material discussions on interesting topics by subject matter experts, rather than a very high-level overview. The post-event discussions and networking opportunities have also been excellent, with engaging discussions on financial crime and related topics.

Connect with Marko on LinkedIn.

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